Case studies

What sets Ken Paton apart from most lenders is that he has a background in finance, accounting, law, and real estate to help structure a loan or purchase to give it the best chance of success. These case studies illustrate a creative way that Ken devised to allow them to succeed.

Valuation of A Center

Two brothers were considering selling their center and retiring. They wanted to compare the cost and risk of converting their center into a family entertainment center and remaining with the business with the potential sale price of their center in existing condition.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

My client had a relatively successful center in a small town.  However, it was in run down condition when he bought it and the loan that he used to finance the purchase did not include any money for upgrades.  As a result, he had used several short-term loans with high payments to finance the upgrades.

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Bowling As A General Purpose

A former client wanted to refinance his SBA loan since it had a variable interest rate and rates had risen substantially since the loan was put in place.

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Non-SBA Solutions

My clients bought their center several years before and wanted to refi into a fixed rate and pay back some debt owed to shareholders.  

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