Consulting with an advisor with experience in a variety of specialties can improve the likelihood of success.

Consulting Work

A small business owner must wear many hats: marketing, operations, accountant, human resources, and maintenance among others. There are few people available who can provide impartial advice based on an owner’s experience as well as from an outsider’s view. When an issue comes up that needs a discussion with someone independent comes up, it’s nice to know that such a person is available.

Sometimes an outside impartial view can make a critical difference. Ken Paton brings a unique set of skills: accounting including cost analysis and budgeting, operational analysis, writing business plans and/or feasibility studies, financing, plus thirty years of negotiating real estate transactions.   


Valuation of A Center

Two brothers were considering selling their center and retiring. They wanted to compare the cost and risk of converting their center into a family entertainment center and remaining with the business with the potential sale price of their center in existing condition.

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